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Gta 3 Free Download

Grand Theft Auto: 3 | Genre: Modern Action Adventure | {184MB}

 Grand Theft Auto III truly incorporates everything that its creators have strived for in a "proper game" since Take-Two created the upstart game division in 1998. In it, gamers have the chance to get dirty, to play the role of an ambitious, low-lifecriminal. The game is riddled with a breadth of goodies starting with the Mafioso rags-to-riches story, high-quality music, telling cut-scenes, and not ending with its giant, bristling, extraordinarily complex landscape.

What makes Grand Theft Auto III so much different and so brilliant in this third iteration is that while, with its huge scale, we might find familiar gameplay elements, the whole thing, the monstrous size and scope of the game, delivers something more than just the actual value of its parts. Having taken advantage of PS2's new technology to expand and develop their vision, the makers of Grand Theft Auto III have created a complete videogame experience like few, if any, before it.

Players start off as a nameless criminal, who in the midst of a bank robbery, is double-crossed by his girlfriend, shot, and left for dead. As the "kid," "friend," or whatever your latest boss decides to refer to you as, you escape from the police through a mysterious high-level hit-and-run, and begin life again with the help of your friend 8-Ball and the Italian Mafia. From there, the game leads players through an odyssey of non-linear missions for various factions of organized crime, from the Italian to the Japanese mafia and on. The 3D world of Liberty City is on a scale that's truly epic, consisting of three large urban areas, the industrial, commercial and suburban districts, each with appropriate architecture, landscapes, and aggressive, distinctive AI.

The basic appeal of GTAIII is the ageless fascination with using firecrackers to blow up model cars, staging horrific toy-train wrecks, and lighting plastic army men on fire. It sets you down in the middle of a detailed clockwork world, presents you with a physics model and a wide variety of interesting objects to interact with, and then gives you the freedom to smash them into each other and enjoy the resulting mayhem. Within this metasandbox mode, you're also presented with a series of missions, which tell the ongoing story of your life of crime among the game's cast of unsavory characters
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